Why Prescott Solutions?

We Hit the Bullseye in Technology Solutions

The team at Prescott Solutions stay engaged on the pulse of the staffing world and upcoming technology trends. We are constantly challenging ourselves to understand the needs of technology projects for our clients. We are qualified because every customer matters and our talent keep referring to us to help them locate their next project.

We work hard at developing new and innovative service offerings to address a market need. We also really search for opportunities for our candidates who bring great depth and knowledge as well as diversity to the companies they work to assist. It is also important to know that we stress “team” on all of our projects.

Services Provided

Improving Your World with the Latest in Technology Services and Solutions

Prescott Solutions is geared towards partnering with your practice. As a boutique consulting and recruiting firm we have a key group of the best supply chain management, manufacturing, organizational change management, purchasing, information systems, Lean, IT, ERP and distribution talent nationwide.

Our firm combines a wealth of practical business expertise with innovative sourcing methods dedicated to providing acute consultancy in all technology sectors.

Service Based in Quality…and Delivered With Pride

Great service requires personalized attention, and that’s what we deliver our service with pride each and every time. At Prescott Solutions, client and candidate satisfaction is the most important metric by which our business success is measured.

Technology Services with a “Human Touch” Approach

Prescott Solutions ProMatch™ for Government sector is dedicated to providing government clients quality employees with up to the highest level of active security clearances. ProMatch™ for Private sector allows us to place strong cultural fits for technical staffing through a vertical of diverse industries.

With a culture grounded in new and innovative methodologies, a passion for excellence and an entrepreneurial spirit, we look to service with competitive rates but quality deliveries. Since we focus on what our clients uniquely need, we are able to provide highly effective consulting services across many industries including supply chain, public sector, health care, finance and manufacturing.

Diversify Success

At Prescott Solutions, diversity matters fully as a fully certified MBE. This means that all business transacted through us is classified as a diverse spend. More than being Black WOman Owned, Prescott Solutions is dedicated to promoting diversity throughout the workplace. We start the service process by staffing well-trained, highly educated resources with proven track records in successful service delivery. We treat all candidates and clients with personalized attention to ensure we deliver the right person for the right job, at the right company.

Culture Fits

At the core of our IT staffing services we focus on the Selection, Implementation, and Support of information systems, by aligning technology resources that match your project goals. We combine an exclusive blend of unique technology staffing methodologies to bring outstanding results that are right for your talent management staffing or project. Our unique ProMatch system provides instant response to any technology staffing needs and in turn delivers best services that help you get real out of worth of your recruitment investment.

Diversity Approach

At the center of technical talent, we believe it takes a personalized, consultative approach to match the right candidate with the right company. If you need help with a special project involving your IT assets and/or consulting, we’re eager to assist you. We provide you with the best IT talent and affordable rates. Simply contact us.